State:-   Delhi
Sr NoEstablishmentTotal Cases in DB
(Pending + Disposed)
Total OrdersOrders Not UploadedJudicial District
Court Complex:-   Rohini Court Complex  (Total JoCode:- )
1District and Sessions Judge, North-West, RHC10620829502152746 North West
2Chief Metropolitan Magistrate, North-West, RHC16150534816363746 North West
3Senior Civil Judge cum RC, North-West, RHC3795312391221309 North West
4Principal Judge Family Court, North West, RHC38699031646 North West
Court Complex:-   Karkardooma Court Complex  (Total JoCode:- )
5District and Sessions Judge, North-East, KKD7128113458449065 North East
6Chief Metropolitan Magistrate, North-East, KKD1048858380677254 North East
7Senior Civil Judge cum RC, North-East, KKD459425841838237 North East
8Principal Judge Family Court, North East , KKD941505994 North East
Court Complex:-   Saket Court Complex  (Total JoCode:- )
9District and Sessions Judge, South , Saket8374832825739514 South
10Chief Metropolitan Magistrate, South, Saket19966945356791496 South
11Senior Civil Judge cum RC, South, Saket2557511599412803 South
12Principal Judge Family Court, South, Saket996106316 South
Court Complex:-   Rouse Avenue Court Complex  (Total JoCode:- )
13District and Sessions Judge cum Special Judge PC Act CBI, Rouse Avenue14121554294 Central
14Chief Metropolitan Magistrate, Rouse Avenue768470928 Central
15POLC and POIT, Rouse Avenue, New Delhi6694119537233968 Central
Court Complex:-   Dwarka Court Complex  (Total JoCode:- )
16District and Session Judge, South-West DWK10475035720141079 South West
17Chief Metropolitan Magistrate, South-West DWK328321733919138366 South West
18Senior Civil Judge cum RC, South-West DWK2620511392612447 South West
19Principal Judge Family Court, South West, DWK22296017429 South West
Court Complex:-   Saket Court Complex  (Total JoCode:- )
20District and Sessions Judge, South-East , Saket8361534431537956 South East
21Chief Metropolitan Magistrate, South-East , Saket245445502625131883 South East
22Senior Civil Judge cum RC, South-East , Saket2765211530312586 South East
23Principal Judge Family Court, South-East, Saket810205125 South East
Court Complex:-   Patiala House Court Complex  (Total JoCode:- )
24District and Sessions Judge,New Delhi, PHC12498131799670874 New Delhi
25Chief Metropolitan Magistrate, New Delhi, PHC18204645517872165 New Delhi
26Senior Civil Judge cum RC, New Delhi, PHC3325212816915166 New Delhi
27Principal Judge Family Court, New Delhi, PHC618503800 New Delhi
Court Complex:-   Karkardooma Court Complex  (Total JoCode:- )
28District and Sessions Judge, East, KKD8547624322139505 East
29Chief Metropolitan Magistrate, East, KKD10774920252457709 East
30Senior Civil Judge cum RC, East, KKD336488767221524 East
31Principal Judge Family Court, East, KKD1165807852 East
Court Complex:-   Rohini Court Complex  (Total JoCode:- )
32District and Sessions Judge, North, RHC9645926560444900 North
33Chief Metropolitan Magistrate, North, RHC9559529281932928 North
34Senior Civil Judge cum RC, North, RHC3095711563016272 North
35Principal Judge Family Court, North, RHC27761023528 North
Court Complex:-   Karkardooma Court Complex  (Total JoCode:- )
36District and Sessions Judge, Shahdara, KKD6023921372618837 Shahdara
37Chief Metropolitan Magistrate, Shahdara, KKD10079717195942980 Shahdara
38Senior Civil Judge cum RC, Shahdara, KKD371839889821280 Shahdara
39Principal Judge Family Court, Shahdara , KKD23871017606 Shahdara
Court Complex:-   Tis Hazari Court Complex  (Total JoCode:- )
40District and Sessions Judge, West, THC10169039502850164 West
41Chief Metropolitan Magistrate, West, THC14009166539638994 West
42Senior Civil Judge cum RC, West, THC7249323067647194 West
43Principal Judge Family Court, West, THC31511024304 West
Court Complex:-   Tis Hazari Court Complex  (Total JoCode:- )
44District and Sessions Judge, Central, THC208074616097117931 Central
45Chief Metropolitan Magistrate, Central, THC21355280832472983 Central
46Senior Civil Judge cum RC, Central, THC13496144093584767 Central
47Principal Judge Family Court, Central, THC21684417132 Central
Grand Total 3792261 10074490 1881482