State:-   Jharkhand
Sr NoEstablishmentTotal Cases in DB
(Pending + Disposed)
Total OrdersOrders Not UploadedJudicial District
Court Complex:-   1) Court Complex-1  (Total JoCode:- 10)
1Principal District Judge Establishment24014149466757 Chatra
2Civil Judge Establishment31437481237 Chatra
3Judicial Magistrate Establishment418351118617312 Chatra
4FAMILY COURT1110229691 Chatra
Court Complex:-   CIVIL COURT RAMGARH  (Total JoCode:- )
Court Complex:-   2) Ten Court Building Complex -2  (Total JoCode:- 15)
10Principal District and Sessions Judge33439459427258 Bokaro
11Chief Judicial Magistrate45164296629584 Bokaro
12Civil Judge Senior Division30873021531 Bokaro
13Civil Judge Junior Division2018446749 Bokaro
14Family Court853539883095 Bokaro
Court Complex:-   1) Old Building Comlplex-1  (Total JoCode:- 18)
15Principal District and Sessions Judge Establishment326201045318188 Deoghar
16Judicial Magistrate Establishment41579399024187 Deoghar
17Civil Judge Establishment642915012333 Deoghar
18Family Court58873834485 Deoghar
Court Complex:-   4) District Court 28 Courts Building  (Total JoCode:- 64)
19Civil Judge Senior Division1403241105915 Dhanbad
20Civil Judge Junior Division1120731233196 Dhanbad
21District and Sessions Court816884112034895 Dhanbad
22Chief Judicial Magistrate1323121216482456 Dhanbad
23Family Court16157235511124 Dhanbad
Court Complex:-   1) D.J. Court Building Complex-1  (Total JoCode:- 11)
24District and Sessions Court1531758886751 Dumka
25Civil Judge Senior Division2274164909 Dumka
26Judicial Magistrate Courts35933207122717 Dumka
27Family Court27391422098 Dumka
Court Complex:-   1) District Civil Court Complex-1  (Total JoCode:- 20)
28District and Sessions Courts, Jamshedpur536901777432841 East Singhbhum at Jamshedpur
29Chief Judicial Magistrate,Jamshedpur110129151377826 East Singhbhum at Jamshedpur
30Civil Judge Senior Division Courts, Jamshedpur55884512706 East Singhbhum at Jamshedpur
31Civil Judge Junior Division Courts, Jamshedpur3438851618 East Singhbhum at Jamshedpur
32Family Court Jamshedpur982320255827 East Singhbhum at Jamshedpur
Court Complex:-   1) District Judges Court Complex-1  (Total JoCode:- 7)
33Principal District and Sessions Judge Garhwa245321037611096 Garhwa
34Chief Judicial Magistrate Garhwa6625951943043 Garhwa
35Civil Judge Sr Div Garhwa250366865 Garhwa
36Civil Judge Jr Div Garhwa262148501 Garhwa
37Family Court26086011339 Garhwa
Court Complex:-   1) Court Complex-1  (Total JoCode:- 32)
38district and sessions courts giridih371461809514039 Giridih
39civil judge senior division courts giridih53112392229 Giridih
40civil judge junior division courts giridih57133661626 Giridih
41chief judicial magristrate courts giridih85679359451635 Giridih
42FAMILY COURT69149044450 Giridih
Court Complex:-   2) New Four Court Building Comlplex-2  (Total JoCode:- 6)
43District and Sessions Courts18780192114914 Godda
44Family Court2772251935 Godda
45Civil Judge Senior Division Courts14020789 Godda
46Chief Judicial Magistrate Courts4237362627939 Godda
Court Complex:-   1) Main Civil Court Complex-1  (Total JoCode:- 13)
47District and Sessions Judge17365124772421 Gumla
48Family court1130438558 Gumla
49Civil Judge Senior Division1145482294 Gumla
50Civil Judge Junior Division962266240 Gumla
51Judicial Magistrate25267116867528 Gumla
Court Complex:-   1) Annexy Building  (Total JoCode:- 14)
52Principal District and Sessions Judge Hazaribag542661124437898 Hazaribagh
53Chief Judicial Magistrate Hazaribag74768389944085 Hazaribagh
54Civil Judge Junior Division3236338968 Hazaribagh
55Civil Judge Senior Division66435433302 Hazaribagh
56Family Court513911033158 Hazaribagh
Court Complex:-   1) District Court Complex-1  (Total JoCode:- 6)
57District and Sessions Courts1239867854656 Jamtara
58Civil Judge Senior Division1939959557 Jamtara
59Judicial Magistrate Courts30053548018737 Jamtara
60Family Court1420758493 Jamtara
Court Complex:-   KHUNTI CIVIL COURT  (Total JoCode:- )
61Principal District and Sessions Judge65285114016 KHUNTI
62Civil Judge Senior Division2594116 KHUNTI
63Chief Judicial Magistrate84033335176 KHUNTI
64Civil Judge Junior Division246049 KHUNTI
Court Complex:-   1) District & Sessions Judge's Building Complex-1  (Total JoCode:- 12)
65District and Sessions Judge1695674138341 Koderma
66Principal Judge Family Court18384441058 Koderma
67Civil Judge Senior Division30881961885 Koderma
68Civil Judge Junior Division109047227 Koderma
69Chief Judicial Magistrate45544261931119 Koderma
Court Complex:-   1) District & Sessions Judge's Building Complex-1  (Total JoCode:- 4)
70District and Sessions Courts1648368508285 Latehar
71Family court725143417 Latehar
72Civil Judge Senior Division1043131493 Latehar
73Civil Judge Junior Division122567468 Latehar
74Chief Judicial Magistrate20454327110814 Latehar
Court Complex:-   1)District Court Complex-1  (Total JoCode:- 8)
75Principal District Judge, Lohardaga1096346095187 Lohardaga
76Chief Judicial Magistrate, Lohardaga1779548889769 Lohardaga
77Civil Judge Senior Division, Lohardaga1307248572 Lohardaga
78Civil Judge Junior Division, Lohardaga139157432 Lohardaga
79Family Court1141234792 Lohardaga
Court Complex:-   1) D.J. Court Building Complex-1  (Total JoCode:- 6)
80District and Sessions Court Pakur1000652213338 Pakur
81Civil Judge Senior Division Pakur1249219700 Pakur
82Chief Judicial Magistrate Pakur19768210911457 Pakur
83Family Court29857381729 Pakur
Court Complex:-   1) District Court Complex-1  (Total JoCode:- 16)
84Principal District and Sessions Judge309271498412392 Daltonganj
85Principal Judge Family Court29505901654 Daltonganj
86Chief Judicial Magistrate727421285740629 Daltonganj
87Civil Judge Senior Division32345371147 Daltonganj
88Civil Judge Junior Division3036624549 Daltonganj
Court Complex:-   1) Main Building   (Total JoCode:- 42)
89Principal District and Session Judge674402287236136 Ranchi
90Civil judge Senior Division1316617563380 Ranchi
91Civil judge junior Division82336961950 Ranchi
92Chief judicial Magistrate120904896771647 Ranchi
93Family Court982324875547 Ranchi
Court Complex:-   1) District Court Complex-1  (Total JoCode:- 0)
94District and Sessions Courts Establishment1088636665813 Sahibganj
95Civil Judge Establishment653170212 Sahibganj
96Judicial Magistrate Establishment23070308215218 Sahibganj
97Family Court437716982325 Sahibganj
Court Complex:-   1)District Court Complex-1  (Total JoCode:- 9)
98District and Sessions Court15224259210590 Seraikella
99Chief Judicial Magistrate3504028325997 Seraikella
100Civil Judge Senior Division141796674 Seraikella
101Civil Judge Junior Division68829170 Seraikella
102Family Court776188340 Seraikella
Court Complex:-   1) Court Complex-1  (Total JoCode:- 3)
103District And Sessions Court, Simdega80528825933 Simdega
104Chief Judicial Magistrate, Simdega116088188337 Simdega
105Civil Judge Senior Division, Simdega2081137 Simdega
106Civil Judge Junior Division, Simdega157998 Simdega
Court Complex:-   1) District Courts Complex-1  (Total JoCode:- 7)
107District and Sessions Court16327121403238 West Singhbhum at Chaibasa
108Civil Judge Senior Division738360320 West Singhbhum at Chaibasa
109Chief Judicial Magistrate1754777346833 West Singhbhum at Chaibasa
110Porahat Division824833832882 West Singhbhum at Chaibasa
111Principal Judge, Family Court1093410440 West Singhbhum at Chaibasa
Grand Total 1998039 392381 1115293